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Extruded Cereals based on Corn
with Dried Fruit
(Breakfast cereals – Corn Flakes with fruit)
Plus Fruit Straw Berry

Product Specifications:

Ingredients: Corn Grit, White Sugar, Dried straw berry, Confectionary oil, Salt, Lecithin, Drinking Water
Suitable for weight loss diet – athletes – children and the elderly and Celiac ones

Allergy Warning: May contain soy or its compounds
How to use: It is recommended for each adult to mix half
a cup of product with half a glass of cold milk or fruit yogurt or the desired amount of ice cream
Recommended daily intake: Half a cup

Number of Cartoons on the Euro palletDimensions of CartoonsNumber of CartoonsProduct Weight
36mm 270*390*39012300 g

Benefits of using this product:
– Can be a good source of protein accompanied by dairy
– A worthy source of dietary fiber
– Rich in B vitamins, especially B6
– Rich in minerals such as phosphorus and manganese
– Rich in Omega 3
– Gluten free
– Trans free