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Extruded cereals based on corn with dried fruit

(Breakfast cereals – Cornflakes with Dried apple and Cinnamon)

Plus fruit apple & Cinnamon


Product Specifications:

Ingredients: Corn grit, white Sugar, Malt Extract, Confectionary oil, Salt, Lecithin, Cinnamon, Drinking water

Suitable for weight loss diet – athletes – children and the elderly and Diabetic and Celiac ones

Allergy Warning: May contain soy or its compounds

How to use: It is recommended for each adult to mix two thirds of

a cup with half a glass of cold milk or fruit yogurt or the desired amount of ice cream

Recommended daily intake: two thirds of a glass


Benefits of using this product:


Can be a good source of protein accompanied by dairy

A worthy source of dietary fiber

Rich in B vitamins, especially B6

Rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and manganese

Gluten free

Lower Blood sugar

Cholesterol free

Trans free


Product WeightNumber of CartoonsDimensions of CartoonsNumber of Cartoons on the Euro pallet
300 g12390 * 390 * 270 mm36